Getting ready for baby #2

You probably were wondering about my silence during the last few months… In fact, I have been going through a pretty difficult pregnancy, marked by daily episodes of extreme vomiting that have lasted for almost 7 months.

Even though the vomiting has not completely settled, I certainly feel much better now that I am well into month #8 of my pregnancy… And that is why at last I have been able to come back to my blogger activity!

Not having been able to do much physical activity for months due to my vomiting, I began preparing for baby #2 rather late. It didn’t really bother me because I guessed being baby #2 I wouldn’t need to buy much… But when I began preparing, I realized the list would be a little longer than planned. First, because of my daughter, since she was a summer baby, as opposed to my baby boy, and she’s still sleeping in her cot and uses a different pram from the one she used as a baby. Second, because this time around I am expecting a boy.

Let me share with you my baby #2 (shopping) checklist:


  • 7 long-sleeved onesies, since I am having a winter baby and my daughter was born in July.
  • 2-3 winter sleepsuits (I could reuse 3 of my daughter’s baby sleepsuits and I received 3-4 baby boy sleepsuits from family and friends)
  • 1 winter pramsuit
  • 2 winter all-in-ones (for newborn and age 1-3 months)



Next2Me Bedside Crib | Dropside Cots & Cribs | Chicco


  • 1 Zara blue chick cotton blanket with a super cute elephant pattern (I do have several baby blankets, but I wanted him to have his own, which eventually he could use as a security blanket)

  • A swaddle (not all babies like to be tightly wrapped, but for those who happen to like it, it is a wonderful method for self soothing at sleep time… And this time around I am determined to establish good sleeping habits for my baby from an early age!)
  • 1-2 dummies (even though my daughter never used one, I will still offer one to my baby boy, since I believe it is a good soothing method)
  • A couple of brand new soft toys (offered by family and friends)


  • A whole new set of pretty much everything (baby scissors and clippers, emery boards, soft hair brush and baby comb, Mustela bath set products, including the foam shampoo for newborns)
  • A new soft touch bath support



  • Sterile gauze, saline solution for eyes and nose, ethyl alcohol, nappy rash cream (In Spain I used Eryplast, but in the UK I use Sudocream),  newborn nappies, adapted cotton buds and nasal aspirator.

These are “the essentials”… I hope you will find this checklist helpful, even if you’re expecting your first baby, because we certainly tend to buy way too many things for baby #1 and only experience shows us what is really necessary!