Our summer birthday party

We are back from our holidays and I wanted to dedicate this come back post to my daughter’s summer birthday party!

Chiara turned 2 years old on 4 of July and we celebrated it with a Peppa Pig theme party at the children’s community center, where we could made the most of the outdoor facilities, thanks to these few ideas!

– We bought a couple of mini inflatable swimming pools and placed them in the garden, close to the sandpit. We did not fill them up completely, but the kids loved to get in them or splash with their hands. Of course, we provided our guests with swimming nappies.

– We played a CD of nursery rhymes non-stop and had a bubble machine for the kids (always a winner!).

– We also had a Peppa Pig piñata attached to the low branch of a tree. We made sure we chose a piñata with strings attached on its bottom, instead of the one that you have to hit with a stick, which could be dangerous for the little ones! And we filled it up ourselves with lots of tiny toys and healthy (and some not that healthy) goodies!


– We placed the table inside with Peppa Pig nap and napkins, paper cups and hats… If you are wondering where did we get all that Peppa Pig party supply, we bought it in Amazon!


– For lunch, the kids had margarita and chicken pizzas, as well as fresh carrots and cucumber, water and organic juices, and a personalized cake from Heavenly Cakes catering… Sharina baked for us a Peppa Pig theme vanilla cake completely organic! And delicious!


– And, or course, the kids went home with a bag of Peppa Pig party favors!

All in all, a wonderful summer birthday party that I hope all the kids enjoyed as much as my daughter, who needed a nap of more than three hours after the guests left to recover!

The end of the summer is almost there, but if you are lucky enough to live in a warmer country than the UK… Do not hesitate to use these ideas for your kids’ parties!

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