Breastfeeding your child beyond borders…

I am not really interested in the debate on breastfeeding vs bottle-feeding. I think each mum must choose the method that best fits her family and life style. In my case, breastfeeding was the choice of preference… And it was not an easy one! I have always enjoyed breastfeeding (leaving the first discomforts besides). I have breastfed my daughter well beyond the 12 months threshold… and yes, this choice has meant not being able to sleep for more than four hours in a row for a really really long time… Needless to say that I have been immerse in a state of deep exhaustion for months, but I do believe it was worthy… and I do not think I need to name in here all the benefits of breastfeeding a child. What I would like to share with you is my experience while breastfeeding my child beyond borders… I have breastfed Chiara in many public places in London, most of the times without using anything to cover my breasts… I do not believe breastfeeding this way implies any kind of indecent exposure and I have never felt any weirdness while doing it, apart from the typical curious looks from people here and there. However, when I traveled to Africa with my husband and my toddler, I was concerned about how my ‘breastfeeding ways’ would be seen… since we were going to the encounter of a very traditional society, most of all with regards to how women should dress, talk or behave in public. Of course, it did not take much time for my daughter to pat my breasts in public (that is the way she would ask to be breastfed). Uncomfortable and unsure of what to do, I tried to ignore it as much as I could… We were, after all, in the company of some elder men. To my surprise, one of those men hurried to tell me that I should feel free to breastfeed my child… I think he saw I was a little hesitant and so he kept going explaining me that in the old days, if a woman would not hurry to breastfed her baby when she was crying, the whole village would come to tell her off and she could even be beaten! It sounds drastic, I know… But what I retained from that episode was that even for some of the most conservative societies on earth breastfeeding is considered as natural as walking, coughing or breathing. So next time you hear about the everlasting debate on if a woman should cover up while breastfeeding her child in public, give this anecdote a little thought…

2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding your child beyond borders…

  1. I agree with you! Breastfeeding is an essential part of life and all of us survived our first months because of it. Why should it be embarrassing or uncomfortable then to breastfeed in public? If it wasn’t for objectification of women in mass media, I doubt it would even be a topic of debate at all… Either way, Go you!


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